Experienced builders unanimously repeat that it is the last century to sew the overhang with metal. Nowadays everybody has PVC soffits on their ears. Let’s figure out why the metal filing of the overhang is “a thing of the past” and what are the advantages of PVC spotlights.

From what material you choose for filing the cornice, a lot can depend: both the appearance of the building itself and the correct work of the roof as a whole. The key parameters that should be considered when choosing the material for the overhang are: ventilation of the under-roof space, practicality, ease of installation, appearance and price.

So, let’s make a small comparison of materials: how much metal or PVC meets these characteristics.

Ventilation of the under-roof space

Metal has a monolithic structure that visually assumes strength and durability, but in fact prevents normal ventilation of the roof.

Soffit is equipped with a small perforation, which ensures a constant air circulation and in the future will protect the residents of the house from such problems as fungus, winter roofing in winter, damage to the insulation, etc.


Metal is quite practical and durable. But it has significant drawbacks, which must always be taken into account – the metal is prone to corrosion. Therefore, in time it will be necessary to tint. Be ready for this.

Soffit is considered to be the most durable material for eaves. You will forget about rot, rust and fading! The service life of the spotlight is (attention!) 25 years. These are Knockout, metal. For the SOFFITS installation this is a very important staff.


You will have to hire workers to install metal overhangs – they are heavy and uncomfortable, you need a lot of time and energy to install them.

Soffit from PVC is easy, without problems mounted on any roof, regardless of the coating material. To install it, you will have enough minimum skills. If you want to mount the soffit you can as well as the owner of the house.


Metal looks good, especially if it is painted in the tone of a roof or a building. Restraint and imperceptibility – that’s what you get by choosing the metal for filing the roof.

It is worthwhile once to look at the overhang, sewn with PVC soffit, and you will be convinced – it looks luxurious, expensive and prestigious. What you need for your home!


In general, metal as a material for filing the roof will cost you less than PVC soffit. However, to determine the real cost, do not forget to add to the price of metal its maintenance (paint, hiring workers, renting forests, if the building is high, etc.).After such a comparison, it becomes obvious why metal soffit is losing popularity in the market. A natural and reasonable solution for a conscious owner is the purchase of a soffit made of PVC, which will serve him for many years with faith and truth.