New York City has plenty of famous attractions, but when it comes to entertainment Broadway is possibly the most renowned of all. This sometimes leads people to overlook other great entertainment options like cabaret shows. Below are some reasons you should give cabaret shows a chance.

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Variety and Nostalgia

Cabaret shows often mix dancing, singing and elements of theater, although some performances will stress one or two of these styles more than others. The shows can offer a level of nostalgia, singing older songs with a strong flavor of jazz, blues or old rock n’ roll. There are also a few cabaret shows that focus more on comedy and burlesque performances. Due to this variation in performance styles, it’s wise to do research on NY cabaret before you choose a show to attend.

Intimate and Relaxed Setting

These performances take place in a much smaller area, making the show relaxed and much less formal. This allows the performers to joke and interact with the audience on a level that Broadway plays simply cannot achieve, and the skill in their singing voices can be heard up close. While big theater performances are great, having to rely on giant screens to see the actors’ facial expressions can put distance between you and the story being told. At a cabaret show, however, you get the full effect of the entire performance up close and personal.

Food Plus Entertainment

Adding to this relaxed atmosphere is the fact that cabaret performances are paired with dinner and drinks. You can kick back and simply enjoy good food and good entertainment without worrying that someone is going to give you an earful for breaking the rules.

Cabaret shows are an entirely different experience from big theater shows that many visitors to New York City don’t know about. They offer a unique, intimate and nostalgic experience that audience members can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere.