Current work within the field of genetics and related health sciences research, pharmaceutical and diagnostic testing, would be made virtually impossible without the help of the latest technologies. Specifically, cancer research and therapeutics is powered by and relies on the latest technological advances in equipment, most of which are highly automated.

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Some Examples of Essential Laboratory Equipment

Genomics is an important part of cancer research. The equipment utilized in molecular biology laboratories must be cutting edge to keep pace with advancements in basic cancer research and treatment.

Some of the equipment within a research or diagnostics laboratory may include a DNA sequencer, microarray platform including an array scanner, automated staining system, electrophoresis apparatus, gel imaging analysis system and cell culture equipment, just to name a few. Technological adaptations and trends necessitate the regular updating of sophisticated laboratory equipment.

Trends for the Future

As technology evolves and instrumentation becomes increasingly refined, more changes are on the horizon. Laboratory equipment has continually become more automated over the years and this trend will likely continue.

While laboratory researchers and technicians will most likely not be completely replaced by robots and automation, remote monitoring of experiments and procedures within the laboratory is becoming a reality. Laboratory workers can get alerts and updates about the current status of their procedures delivered directly to their smart devices.

Another change likely to be realized is increasingly smaller instrumentation. As biotechnology instrumentation evolves and required sample sizes decrease, the instrument footprints should continue to shrink. Besides the physical footprint of analyzers taking up less space, the environmental or carbon footprint is also likely to diminish as laboratory instrumentation becomes more energy-efficient.

Advancements Continue

Fancy and sophisticated laboratory equipment is seeing rapid developments, especially in the dynamic field of cancer research and diagnostics. New advances are certain to bring increasingly sophisticated and exciting technologies to the forefront of biotechnology.