Truck drivers are often subjected to long days and nights on the road with what seems like a never-ending need for fuel. With gas prices on a constant roller coaster that responds to the economic condition of the day, getting the most out of a tank of gas is one way to save a few dollars at the pump. It can also save precious time. If your mileage goes up, you don’t have to stop as often. There are two ways to increase your engine’s overall performance that also improve your fuel efficiency.

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  1. Improve your fuel quality. As a consumer, you have little control over the quality of the fuel that comes out of the pump. However, you do have control over how your fuel pump and the engine process that fuel. If air bubbles or vapor are in your fuel pump, it takes longer for the proper compression injection to occur, which delays the timing injection. Although a slight delay, it increases your emissions, lowers the power output, and reduces your miles per gallon. One simple way to improve this area is through an Airdog fuel system installation. They are simple to attach, and it won’t be long before you start to see the difference.
  2. Increase your air intake. Your fuel gets mixed with air to produce horsepower. By modifying your existing engine components to increase the airflow, you generate more power. As air travels into the cylinders, it creates more combustion. Adding high flow air filters or installing a new cold air intake can help boost your power from the front end. Upgrading your exhaust pipes or replacing old rusty ones can also help. By pushing the old air out more quickly, you are freeing up the space for more air and fuel.

Although no one is advocating for unsafe driving practices and testing the full throttle of your engine, by making some change to your engine, you can increase your fuel efficiency. In doing so, you will boost your engine’s performance and get more out of your truck.