Many businesses are “going green” by making environmentally responsible choices in response to both consumer and employee demands. Making eco-friendly changes can help save money through improved efficiency, and it can even help create a more vibrant and healthy corporate culture. This article will walk you through two simple ways to make your tech company more environmentally responsible, so you can do what your business does best while doing what’s best for the planet as well.

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Embrace Upgrades

Making seemingly small upgrades to your office’s equipment can result in significant cost savings through increased energy efficiency. The most popular example is to switch out fluorescent lighting for LED options, but you can apply this idea to any of your company’s assets. Replacing old equipment such as computers, copiers, and even the break room coffee machine with more energy efficient models is a great way to trim down overhead costs while streamlining your daily operations with high quality tools. As you replace your old machinery, make sure you dispose of it responsibly. Research local service providers in your area who can help ensure your old appliances are recycled or repurposed. A simple search for computer waste Ontario may be all you need to get started.

Trim Down Transport

The daily commute not only puts a dent on employees’ wallets at the gas pump, it can also be a major contributor to a company’s environmental footprint. Help cut down on the emissions and gasoline used to get your team to work each day by organizing office-wide ride share programs or establishing a monthly bike to work event. This not only makes your company more environmentally friendly, it’s a great way for employees to bond and to get more involved in office life.

Making your company more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be time and labor intensive. Follow these two simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to transforming your tech company.