Samantha Ruth Prabhu Teases Naga Chaitanya With 'I'm Awesome' Post

Samantha posted this for Naga Chaitanya (courtesy samantharuthprabhuoffl)

New Delhi:

How to while away time at the airport? Click a selfie and post it with a hilarious caption. That’s exactly what Samantha Ruth Prabhu did while waiting at the Hyderabad airport with husband Naga Chaitanya. She posted an adorable selfie of hers, with an expression much like the tongue-out smiley, and wrote a caption, teasing Naga Chaitanya, who features in the backdrop of the selfie in just a glimpse, who appears to be unaware of the shenanigans happening literally behind his back. “I am awesome and he knows it,” read Samantha’s caption, which is a spin on the song Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO. LOL.

Seen Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s post yet?

When Samantha is not teasing Naga Chaitanya on social media, she is busy posting adorable pictures of themselves. Like her birthday greeting for him, in which she wrote: “Happy birthday, my Naga Chaitanya. Every single day I pray for your happiness and I am so proud that with every passing day you have grown to be the best version of yourself… and I believe with all my heart that we are stronger together… I love you darling husband.” The duo flew off to Goa on Naga Chaitanya’s birthday earlier this week.