Samsung Electronics has announced on April 27 new software update for its popular Galaxy Buds. The latest update will allow user to go completely wireless and listen their music more conveniently. This update will also bring features from Galaxy Buds+.

With new Microsoft Swift Pair feature, user can now pair their Galaxy Buds more easily to Windows 10 based devices. The PC will automatically detect the Galaxy Buds once you turn them on. The switching between connected devices will also now be possible on Galaxy Buds with the latest software update.

Next addition to the device is ambient sound feature which will automatically start once user update the Galaxy Buds. This feature will allow the user to hear the surroundings sound even while watching movies or listening to music with the volume up. In addition, users can also experience Ambient Sound even with an only single earbud in. Ambient Sound can be pre-set and enabled through the Galaxy Wearable app.

Lastly, the users are also getting Tap & Hold gesture feature. This feature will allow the spotify user to instantly connect to their favorite playlist just by tap and hold on the earbud. This will resume the last played song where you left last time. More gestures can be customized with the use of Galaxy Wearable App. This feature is available to users who have installed the latest version of the Spotify App on their smartphone.

To update the Galaxy Buds, user need use smartphone which is running on Android Lollipop with more than 1.5 GB RAM and Galaxy wearable app.